Our Friends Group

St Mary’s School Parent Teacher Association known as “The Friends of St Mary’s School, - “Friends” for short.

 Previous events:

* Doughboys Pie Fundraiser 

* Movie Fundraiser 

* Calendar Fundraiser

* St Mary's Quiz Night 

We try to keep our fundraising efforts varied and try our best to not always put pressure on current school families’ finances.  We welcome your help in any way you can, even if it is only one event you can help with, many hands make light work.

Types of fundraising events have been:

Anybody can be a member of “friends”; traditionally it has consisted of parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, or caregivers. If you have an interest to be part of this team you are welcome.

Meetings are currently being held on the second Tuesday of each month (during Term dates) at 7:15 pm in the school staff room with typical meetings running for 60-90 minutes. If you are unable to commit to meetings that is fine we have an email list to send the minutes out so you can stay informed and better yet to keep us informed on how you can assist, or ideas you wish to be discussed at an upcoming meeting.

The AGM is held during the first term each year.

Current Office Holders

If you wish to contact the committee at anytime leave a message with Julie in the office and the relevant person will contact you or send us an email friends@saintmarys.school.nz