The Arts

NGA Kids 
This is the kids' section of the fantastic National Art Gallery.  There is a range of interactive activities for children.  Click here to check out the site.

Free Music Games
This is a collection of free multimedia games to learn all about music.  These include scales, pitch discrimination, melodic direction of intervals, chromatic scale, and others.  Each provides both audio and visual graphics to better understand sound and music.  Click here to check out the site.

Art Attack
Art Attack is a great site if you are interested in art or you would like to learn about art . You can print off hundreds of art ideas and projects you could try. Click here to try it out.  

Muro is a simple to use online drawing and art tool.  Click here to visit the site.

Art Cyclopedia

With the school art day coming up soon, here is a website that has a huge amount of interesting and useful information all about art.  Click here to check it out.

The Origami Club 
Learn the art of paper folding with The Origami Club.  There are animated video tutorials and printable directions for creating animals, creatures, food, and a whole lot more.  Click here to visit the site.

Musical Mysteries
Musical Mysteries is a lively interactive site allowing pupils to have fun, while exploring basic musical concepts in sound, rhythm and mood. The site provides opportunities too for pupils to investigate a range of orchestral instruments.  Click here to visit the site.