School Hours

8.55 - First bell is rung, supervision of children available from 8.20am.

10.40 - Morning interval

11.00 - End of interval

1.00 - Beginning of lunch

1.55 - End of lunch

2.50 - End of day


Children are supervised whilst eating their lunch 1.00-1.10pm.  School lunches can be ordered in the school office on Fridays.  Please do not send sweets, chewing gum or fizzy drinks in school lunches.


School newsletters are sent home with the eldest child of each family, every Thursday.  This is the school’s main communication system with parents. The newsletter is also available on our website and is emailed to each family who supply their email addresses to the office.

Parent Help

Parents may be asked to assist with school activities, sometimes on a casual basis and occasionally for a longer commitment.  These activities include sporting fixtures, school trips, visits, camps, reading support etc.  Please watch the weekly newsletter for more information requesting help, or advise the school of your availability.

Board of Trustees

This group has the responsibility for the governance of the school.  They work with the Principal in employing staff, managing the finances, and in consulting with the staff and parent community to set school policies.   

Road Safety

We have a crossing on the main road which a staff member supervises each morning and afternoon to help children cross the road safely.


Term one and four each year, children swim daily (weather permitting) in our on-site school pool.  Senior students also swim in the Carterton town pool.

Dental Clinic

Dental treatment is provided annually for all children via the dental bus.  If your child requires treatment at other times you can contact the Wairarapa dental service on 378 6496.

Educational and Related Services

The School is able to call on a variety of outside specialists and agencies whose role it is to help ensure that all children gain maximum benefit from their time at school.  These include the local DHB, Resource Teacher for Learning and Behaviour, Teacher Support Service, Hearing and Vision Testers, Speech Therapists, and Reading Recovery Teacher.

Emergency Services

Civil Defence measures have been developed at our school.  Realistic, common sense procedures have been established among staff and children so as to decrease anxiety and possibility of panic in the case of an emergency.  Any decision to send pupils home following an emergency will be made by the principal.  No child will be entrusted to anyone other than parents or persons nominated by the parents.

First Aid Treatment for Pupils

All St Mary's staff have current first aid qualifications.  Minor injuries will be treated immediately by the teacher on duty.  If a doctor’s advice is necessary parents will be contacted immediately and arrangements made.  If parents cannot be contacted then the school will proceed with treatment.  There are times when children become ill at school and, after contact has been made, they will be sent home to parents or emergency contact.  Please advise the school office if pupils need to take any form of medication during the day.

Absences and Lateness

We ask parents to phone the school office to explain any absence before 9.30am.  If this is not done you will receive a phone call from the school so we can ensure your child is safe.  When you child is unwell please keep them at home to give them the best chance of recovery and to protect those at school.  It is expected that parents will endeavour to have children at school before classes begin at 8.55am.  It is helpful for children to have a few spare minutes to prepare their belongings and settle in first thing in the morning.

Hearing and Vision Testing

Hearing and Vision testing is provided for all five year olds and Year 7 pupils, or by parent request at any age.  When a problem is noticed parents will be notified.  These children are re-examined each year to assess any change.  If you have any concerns about your child’s hearing or vision please send a note to school, we can get assistance.

School Lunches

Lunches can be ordered on a Friday in the school office.  Lunches are prepared at school and are used for fundraising.


Homework is a desirable feature and extension of the school day and may include reading, learning of basic facts, spelling and simple research work.  It should promote home interest and support.  Twice yearly reports detail ways you can assist your child’s learning at home.


St Mary’s has a summer and winter uniform and a sports uniform.

A full list is kept at the office.  Items are purchased through the NZ Uniform website.  Students are expected to wear correct uniform.

Attendance Dues

Accounts are sent from the Catholic Education Board four times a year. We do not benefit from the fees at the local level.  They are used to pay off the capital debt still owing on most Catholic Schools, including ours and for property and insurance costs on school buildings.  A local Parish Committee has the responsibility for monitoring the payment.

In cases of hardship please discuss with the Parish Priest or Principal.


Children who bike to school are to wear a helmet and we strongly recommend that children ten years and under do not ride to school without adult supervision.  This is in line with MOT recommendations. Bikes are stored in stands behind the buildings, away from the road.


School has a daily bus list to check students are on the bus before it leaves our school.  Children indicate each morning if they will be on the bus in the afternoon.  Rural students travel for free, town based students require a ticket which can be purchased in the office.

Techni-craft (manual training)

Year 7 and 8 travel to Chanel College by bus for technicraft classes.  They attend every week of the term.

Behaviour Outside School

When the children are travelling to and from school, on school trips, or to technicraft, we expect exemplary behaviour at all times.

Book Club

Children may order Scholastic Books from the book club.  Order forms will be sent home.  Money and orders are to be placed in an envelope with the child’s name and Book Club written on the front.  Ordering books in this way benefits the school with some free books for the library.

School Liturgies

Feast days and sacraments are celebrated with liturgies held at school or in the Parish Church.  Children are taught the Religious Education Programme for Catholic Primary Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand during class time.

Term Donation

The school asks each pupil to pay $15.00 per term. This money is a donation to the school and is used to supplement the money we receive from the government to run the school.  We can provide you with a receipt for this as it is tax deductible.


Assembly is held at 9.00am on a Friday.  Classrooms take turns at running the assembly.  All parents are welcome to attend.  Classroom awards are given out weekly for extra special effort; these awards are also listed in the newsletter the following week.


Stationery packs are purchased from the school office at the start of each year.  The packs are specific to the class your child is in.

Our staff 2015:

Mr Tim Nelson


Miss Amber Gray

Deputy Principal and Teacher Aroha Class Yr 0-1

Mini Mary's teacher

Miss Anita Ward

Teacher in Mahaki Class Yr 1-2

Mrs Eleanor Hautler


Teacher Rangimarie Class Yr 2-3

Mr William (Willy) Jephson

Teacher Wairua Class Yr 4-5

Mr Brent Ballantyne

Senior Teacher / Teacher Tikanga Class Yr 6-8

Mrs Jo Denniston

Office Administrator

Mary Ashby

Teacher Aide

Maria Wright

Teacher Aide

Mrs Dianne Shailer


Mr Mario